Blithe In between the new party-proof Skincare


An emblematic brand in the Korean beauty repertoire, BLITHE innovates with its new creation at the crossroads of care and make-up: InBetween.

InBetween is BLITHE’s revolutionary facial skincare line that prepares the skin like a perfect canvas before beauty treatment, to ensure a flawless complexion 24 hours a day and to fix make-up at all times. Why choose between a skincare product and a make-up base when combining 2-in-1 is possible?


BLITHE InBetween Line : skincare and make-up preparator


The objective? Smoother, more even, perfectly hydrated skin and make-up for all the day or night.

The In Between range includes a range of skincare products for perfect skin on important days. Result? Breathtaking skin and make-up.
These natural and innovative treatments will guarantee you a perfect complexion immediately after application!

Perfect make-up begins with healthy and invigorated skin.
Blithe’s INBETWEEN line is a make-up care product that perfectly matches your skin.
The theme of this range is around the “City of Night” with bright and colorful lights.
Blithe has incorporated innovative technology to perfectly prepare the skin to come out. In Korea it is considered as the best base for make-up.
Apply Blithe’s INBETWEEN line for fast and instant results.

The INBETWEEN line is a hybrid category that combines skin care and make-up thanks to the high technology and research done by their laboratory. These products are developed by infusing appropriate anti-pollution ingredients to improve make-up and protect the skin.


Which are In Between skincare ?

As holiday evenings can rhyme with makeup for some, discover 2-in-1 cosmetics: makeup care and preparation!
Real fixative to guarantee you an evening with moisturized skin and maintained make-up: the InBetween range has what you need:

BLITHE Essence  :


Primer serum that prepares the skin for the assimilation of its skincare, and durably improves the make-up’s durability. A radiance revealer thanks to its micro-exfoliating action, this serum naturally smoothes the skin texture to allow a zero defect application of foundation, and offers a unified effect thanks to tightened pores while moisturizing and smoothing facial features.


BLITHE CC Tone up Cream :


BLITHE In Between Tone Correcting Cream is a cream-primer that instantly evens out the complexion and reduces redness like a CC cream, giving the skin a fresh look while moisturizing it. Unlike a green corrector, it blends perfectly with the skin’s natural complexion (not tinted). Its light and velvety primer texture provides an impeccable finish to make-up, which stays in place all day long.


BLITHE Glow Cream :


This cream-primer provides instant radiance, giving the skin a fresh, luminous and hydrated appearance. Completely imperceptible after application. Its light and velvety primer texture provides an impeccable finish to make-up, which stays in place all day long. Shea butter and ceramides maintain moisture and strengthen the skin’s barrier, for smoother, more velvety skin, while niacinamide corrects pigment defects and dullness.

These treatments are perfect on a daily basis as well as for large events or evenings, so opt for natural, high-tech treatments based on Korean know-how for a naturally even and luminous complexion! These treatments can be used even without make-up, which gives you a natural but even and radiant complexion.

Finally, we love their compositions: without parabens, mineral oils, dyes and synthetic perfumes.


 For which skin types ?

These treatments are adapted to all skin types. It is also recommended to combine the essence allowing hydration, a light exfoliation while preparing for the next treatment with one of the In Between creams (Corrective cream not tinted or brightening cream) according to your beauty problem and the desired finish.
These treatments are more for daytime or evening use before going out in particular.


How to use  ?

After cleansing your skin and applying a tonic lotion, massage 2 to 3 drops of serum on your face and neck.
Continue with one of the BLITHE In Between make-up creams or one of the BLITHE pressed serum.
Apply your foundation.

The cream is applied by light massage to penetrate your skincare while dissipating the slightly white effect allowing a natural correction of your complexion. A simple dab of cream is enough for the whole face and neck, rich and effective, little care is enough to have very good results on your skin. In an instant, your skin is hydrated but also protected before you can apply your make-up for those who want it.

Discover in video the application of these treatments on our Youtube channel:

These skincares are available in exclusivity on Korean Smooch 


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