CORINGCO Coc Peach: the best Korean Face Cleansing Brush


CORINGCO Coc Peach Korean Cleansing Pore Brush: why you should choose this brush without hesitation.

The Coringco’s facial cleansing brush Coc Peach is a heavy hitter on our shop! Discover all the benefit of this uncommon little pretty brush.


Designed as a heart shape, this Coc peach brush is truly different from the other one by its incredible softness.

Most of the brushes on the market are composed by 310 000 fibers or less, while the Coc peach contains 320 000 fibers of 0,045 mm. This brush is softer and even more efficient to whisks away impurities, sebum, blackheads and make-up residue by gently exfoliate your pores.

Facial cleansing brush: for what skin types?

korean-cleansing-pore-brush-coringco-coc-peach-how-to-use-skin-typeThe Coc Peach brush is suitable for all skin types: clogged pores, dull complexion, tired and even sensitive skin. Soft fibers do not stimulate the sebum production and do not damage the natural protective barrier of the skin.

However, acne-prone skin should perform a pre-test to ensure that the brush does not spread the germs on the rest of the face.

Korean face brush: how to use?


brosse-nettoyante-visage-coc-peach-coringco-utilisationThe Coc Peach cleansing brush will become essential to your layering routine: after using a cleansing oil to catch all the impurities and make-up, a deep cleansing is necessary.

Using with a cream cleanser, the Coc Peach is ideal to bring to perfection your cleansing:

  • Wet you cleansing brush and your face
  • Take a dub of the cleanser and foam it by using the cleansing brush
  • Massage gently onto face and neck in a circular motion. To optimize the efficiency on areas difficult to reach, we recommend you to use pencil brush provided with the cleansing brush.


Tested and approved by bloggers

The Coringco Coc Peach brush has become very famous on European beauty blogs. Here are few testimonials:

“With its cleansing brush, Coringco launched a real innovation for skin care” – Sasha from Les Beautés Testent –

“the COC Peach Brush, different from the others” – Laura from Beauté de Porcelaine –

“Cette petite brosse qui a rendu ma peau toute lisse (…) Cosmetorgasm !” Beauté & Papotages-

Where to buy the best Korean Face cleansing brush?

 The Korean cleansing brush Coringco COC Peach is exclusively sold in Europe on

Boutique de cosmétiques coréens naturels, BIO, vegan-friendly en France. Livraison en Europe.

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