DR.ORACLE Radical Clear Enzyme Powder Wash Review


A deep cleansing is essential to get a healthy, radiant and soft skin. In Europe, we are mainly used to foaming cleansers, cleansing waters, but why would not we try a Korean powder cleanser enriched with enzymes?

Discover our review from the micro-exfoliating powder DR. ORACLE Radical Clear Enzyme Powder Wash, formulated by the best Korean dermatologists.


What is a micro-exfoliating powder?

Radical with dead skin cells, respectful of the natural protective barrier, the smart cleansing is finally possible!

The micro-exfoliating enzyme powder is the perfect balance between scrub and daily cleansing. While usual exfoliators cleansing damage, and irritate the skin, the micro-exfoliating powder is enriched with fruit enzymes that act as a chemical peeling.

By catching all the impurities and dead skin cells, this powder gently cleanses and improves the daily cell renewal. In a few words, this magical powder is the promise of less noticeable pores, a rebalancing skin and a radiant complexion!

DR. ORACLE Radical Clear Enzyme Powder Wash:


Our favorite powder is the famous one: Dr. Oracle Radical Clear Enzyme Powder Wash. In this pretty convenient bottle, you will appreciate all the expertise of renowned Korean dermatologists who have gathered their know how in a professional affordable cleansing line: Radical Clear.


This cleansing powder is formulated with mineral-rich sparkling water and turns into a light creamy foam in contact with water. Super light and without seeds, this ultra-efficient foam whisks away make-up residue, dead skin cells and impurities without damaging the natural protective barrier of the skin. The pH of the skin is balance and the complexion is fresh.

Talking about formulas, the Dr. Oracle’s powder has been enriched with vegetables active: papaya and pineapple extracts catch impurities and wake up dull complexion, while the scutellaire baicalensis, portulaca oleracea and fermented soya soothe and calm redness. The addition of oregano, white willow fights skin’s breakouts and controls excess sebum leaving the skin smoothed.

Neither aggressive nor drying, this Korean face cleansing is free of sodium lauryl, sulphate laureth, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, PEG, ad ingredient of animal origin. Totally respectful of your skin, that is also one of the reason why we love it so much!

DR. ORACLE Radical Clear Enzyme Powder Wash:
how to use it?

This cleansing powder is not only offering a unique experience, but also an economic solution! Just a few amounts of the product is necessary to clean the entire face and neck (the equivalent of a half teaspoon)



Activated by water, the powder turns into a delicate foam. Our tip: if your skin feels tired or stress, we recommend you incorporate less water on the powder for getting a thicker and more exfoliating foam.

Massage on wet skin between 30 seconds and 1 minute and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Dry by gently patting a clean towel on your face and follow with a alcohol-free Korean skin toner. Enjoy the result and post your impressions in comment below!


DR. ORACLE Face Powder Wash: our insight


For what type of skin? 
For those that dream about a flawless skin and radiant complexion. Even sensitive skin types can use it!

When to use?
Morning and night (after your cleansing oil, following the Korean double cleanse), ou en alternance avec un nettoyant crème.

How to? 
Directly onto palms of hands or with a Korean face cleansing brush.

Why it is a K-beauty crush?
This gentle formula is multi-tasking, super efficient and travel-friendly.

Want to try it? DR. ORACLE Radical Clear Enzyme Powder Wash is sold in Europe exclusively on korean-smooch.com.

Boutique de cosmétiques coréens naturels, BIO, vegan-friendly en France. Livraison en Europe.

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