How to say good bye to body acne before summer ?


Final stretch to take care of your body before going to the beach. We have the quick solution for the acne skin problems your body suffers from.
When these little pimples appear, they prevent us from going out serenely. Fortunately, we have tips to help you fight them effectively!
All the pictures of pimples in this article, were taken on the members of our team.

How to get rid of body acne before summer?

We can never repeat it enough, but to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day and to limit your intake of sugar, fat and dairy products are the key. In short, eating a balanced diet and having a healthy lifestyle helps to reduce or at least not bring in new pimples.

It is important to drink plenty of water and even more in this summer period, 2 liters per day in normal period and 3 liters in summer it is the ideal.
If your body lacks water, it will have a direct impact on your skin condition: dry or oily skin, enlarged pores, and even small pimples can appear.
If you tend to sweat or exercise a lot, showering is important to prevent bacterias stagnating on your skin and proliferating new small pimples. However, taking too many showers per day (3 or more) would weaken your skin and could eventually develop new ones. In summer, one to two showers are usually enough.
For the face, do not forget to clean it with oil, it is the best texture (substance) to remove impurities and perspiration from the face.

It is also important to avoid wearing synthetic clothing that is too tight or rubbing your pimples.
It is important to avoid scratching or touching the pimples, necessarily this will not help to make them leave faster, quite the contrary!
The choice of her body cleanser and exfoliator are capital, once well selected you are on your way to say goodbye to body acne.

These little habits will already help you to reduce your body pimples a little bit, or at least will not make them more visible.
It may seem complicated or annoying but very quickly we take the pace, and delighted to see the results it will motivate you to continue these habits that will only do your body and your health good !


Which type of pimple on your body ?


They can be very small in certain areas such as arms, elbows, knees, etc. These pimples are dry spots due to the lack of moisture in your skin. These pimples are the fastest to remove depending on skin type, moisturizing twice a day combined with a greasy shower gel will quickly help you to remove them.

However, don’t forget to keep hydrating your body, if you’ve had it for the first time, you may be subject to other dry spells, so you should watch your body and skin after showering and during seasonal changes.

It is not uncommon when you have this type of pimples to have very, very dry elbows or knees. Remember to take good care of this area at least once or twice a week. These areas are very easily dehydrated, and can be visible during the summer when you expose your arms or legs.

The sun may also amplify this drought. So, cheers to your gel tubes!


Finally, if you are prone to redness and itching, you should use very gentle skin care products that moisturize and soothe your skin. Redness and itching are linked to fragile and sensitive skin, it can be naturally present or due to external factors (unadapted skincare or water enriched in limestone, over-exfoliated skin, high heat, sun bath, rubbing of clothes, heavy perspiration on this area…)


Acne pimples are linked to many factors: stress, hormones, pollution, food… They are harder to treat than dry pimples. They are very often placed on the back, neck, chest or buttocks.

However, it is necessary to take care of your skin on these areas. It is very important not to scratch your skin, which would produce strong irritations and a bouncing effect with lots of new pimples that will reappear very quickly.
It is therefore strongly recommended to clean your acne-prone areas thoroughly but gently..


It is important to know that in these acne areas, dead cells accumulate and do not help to treat them at all! This is why it is necessary to exfoliate several times a week (2 to 3 times) but with an appropriate exfoliator for these parts and especially for this problem.

The choice of your body exfoliant will be decisive for healing your acne. Do not use grain scrubs, which will only make your skin worse and make it more sensitive (return of pimples and redness guaranteed).
Then apply a gentle treatment that will help to clear them but will also moisturize your skin to take full care of your skin. Choose fluid, lightweight textures that will penetrate easily, so gels are recommended! In 4 to 10 days your skin will already be in much better health, the first results are very fast and even for many skins immediate.

The must appreciable thing ? The results of that skincare routine will be long-lasting!

Attention! Exposure to the sun during this period is not the solution! Contrary to the popular belief, letting your pimples dry in the sun will not help you to remove them permanently.
The sun will first sensitize your skin. Yes, the pimples will be somewhat reduced temporarily but you take the risk of leaving visible acne scars on your body. Moreover, the sun is not present all year round, as soon as the tanning and exposure stop, the pimples will reappear a few weeks later.

It is therefore necessary to treat your body effectively with specialized skincare adapted to this type of problem, or to consult a skin specialist.


Our effective body acne care

We share with you our experience in the body treatment of this type of problem. We tested within the team some skincare products that worked perfectly on our pimples and body acne. Thus we can advise you the most effective and those that have really proven themselves, work totally thanks to their results. So you can go with your eyes closed!

Against pimples related to drought :

Photos after the application of the treatments after a week.


1. Find the peeling which suits your skin :

 vitamin C pad


For acne, dry or spotted areas, you can apply a gentle exfoliating pad rich in vitamin C once or three times a week after your shower.

With a concentration of 10% vitamin C, this single-use cotton instantly clarifies and illuminates the complexion. Vitamin C (or L-ascorbic acid) provides a gentle exfoliating action, inhibits hyperpigmentation, treats and accelerates the healing of breakouts while preventing their future appearance.
Its formula enriched with fermented plants moisturizes, soothes and rebalances by boosting cell renewal. The skin is revitalized, the skin texture is refined and breakouts dried up.


2. Find the right moisturizer:
the  propolis soothing gel and aloe vera from Benton


Apply twice a day after your exfoliation or simply after showering! Don’t hesitate to apply this treatment morning and evening, it will be the key to your success of your skin recovery.

BENTON Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel is a multi-actions gel formulated with 80% aloe vera rich in polysaccharides, and 10% propolis, a powerful healing agent. Inflammations are soothed thanks to its softening and soothing properties. Known for its antioxidant effects, propolis protects the skin by blocking the action of free radicals.
It moisturizes, repairs and prevents skin damage to sensitive and troubled skin. The skin is less stressed, redness is reduced and hydration is boosted.

Discover our user guide in video:

Or choose a gel-cream:
Mizon’s multifunctional skincare with snail slime


This black snail slime gel-cream contains 90% filtered mucin combined with 20 medicinal plants extracts from the Korean pharmacopoeia: a boosted version of the original Mizon cream that also covers a wide range of concerns.
A silky cream with an unusual texture (a little richer than the classic All-In-One cream) that will restore the protective barrier and hydration of all skin types, while working on the skin texture for refined pores and a smooth touch. Day after day, acne scars and spots are blurred and the complexion radiance is revealed.
Repairing and soothing, it targets redness and skin inflammation thanks to key ingredients: allantoin, centella asiatica, cassia obtusifolia…

Its plus? An ideal 75 ml capacity and a fast absorption! Your skin will start being rehydrated and repaired in few days.

Thus for your dry pimples problems, regular exfoliation and daily hydration, will lead you to the success and disappearance of this acne.
In short?

  • Exfoliation twice a week
  • Minimum hydration twice a day



Against hormonal acne pimple :

1. Find the perfect cleanser under shower

Using a cleansing brush with thousands of fine fibers on your body is ideal for a deep but gentle cleaning of your pores: in complement, use a low pH-balanced cleanser adapted to your skin. Make sure that it is not the one that prevents your acne improvement).
Practical and effective, this brush will work wonders on your body and its dead cells have sometimes been present for years. Our video focus on its use:

2. Find the perfect body peeling your skin is craving for :

Wishformula C450 Bubble Peeling Pad:
a practical exfoliating foaming pad

This exfoliator in pad format is made for two to three times uses a week, that allow fast and long-lasting results!
This pad is foaming thanks to its peeling solution (a serum made of natural bio-fermented ingredients) allows a gentle exfoliation of the body, reduces dryness and pimples, unifies the skin tone and reveals its radiance. So say goodbye to dead cells, impurities, scars and dark spots. Its original format allows a tenfold efficiency.

Rich in: Vitamin C, lactic acid, fermented plants
Its assets? Fun and economical with its 3 uses /pad

WISH FORMULA C450 Bubble Peeling Pad is a velvety pad, soaked in a vitamin C foaming exfoliating solution.
Formulated with plant bio-ferments and lactic acid, Wish Formula Body Exfoliating Pad removes dead cells and impurities from pores without irritating the skin. It reveals a velvety, glowy and unified skin in a few minutes.

As mentioned above, vitamin C provides a gentle exfoliating action, inhibits hyperpigmentation, boost the healing of breakouts while preventing their future appearance.


Or if you prefer classic tube scrubs…
Iunik lemon plush exfoliator:


Apply this gentle peeling once or twice a week, it can be used in addition to a pad used at the beginning of the week and then the lemon exfoliator used a few days after for a deep but gentle exfoliation. You can mix the two exfoliants (at least 2 days apart) for greater effectiveness.

This natural lemon peeling exfoliates, moisturizes and stimulates cell rejuvenation!

Its green and clean formula is made of:

  • Natural AHA complex
  • 5 fruit extracts: lemon, lime, grape, orange, apple


3. Find the moisturizer adapted to your needs:

Cosrx Snail Slime Mucine Gel-Essence

Applied twice a day, snail slime is the perfect ingredient to heal pimples and fade scars appearance! COSRX Advanced Snail 96 is the ultra-rich Korean essence made of snail extract, a cult ingredient renowned for its multi-actions spectrum.

Formulated with 96% snail mucin combined with a high content of hyaluronic acid, arginine and allantoin, this serum is particularly appreciated to reduce widened pores, diminish acne scars and fade pigmentary defects while intensely hydrate the skin, leaving it supple and soft.

This treatment is a lightweight essence (neither a cream nor a thick gel), so it will be immediately absorbed by skin.



Or choose a gel-cream enriched with snail slime


This gel is the perfect all-in-one Korean care product! Very light and easy to apply, it get absorbed quickly and does not leave a sticky finish. A light but rather comforting gel at the same time (more than Cosrx’s) that will restore the hydration level of all skin types, while acting on skin texture for refined pores and controlled sebum production.

Day after day, acne scars and spots are blurred. Used on the body, it effectives on back acne, damaged elbows and knees, eczema or helps to reduce stretch marks.

Repairing and soothing, this snail treatment targets redness and skin inflammation of atopic skins or breakouts from acne-prone skins thanks to key ingredients: yarrow, wormwood, arnica, centella asiatica, birch sap, green tea…

The power of the active ingredients of a serum gathered in a light but wrapping gel, which instantly penetrates the skin after massaging. Still, skin doesn’t feel tight: all our expectations are fulfilled in this exceptional treatment, which balances absolutely all skin types, even oily skin. A cult treatment among Korean beauty products.

Its smaller capacity than the previous one make it convenient to take with you everywhere!


In short?

  • Choose a good shower brush and body soap with a low pH level
  • Exfoliate your skin twice to third a week
  • Hydrate your skin at least twice a day

These skincare treatments for body acne are available on Korean Smooch online shop, in Europe.

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