Korean skincare routine: how to? Download our simplified guide!


The Korean beauty routine consists of different steps to be applied one after the other (morning and evening), in order to restore a balanced and radiant skin.

More than a simple succession of products’ applications, each step is smartly imagined to prepare the skin to receive the next one in an optimal way, for a tenfold efficiency. The unique benefits are inspired by the ancestral beauty rituals and massages born in South Korea.

Because many of you still want to learn the steps of the Korean beauty routine in their official order, here is a summary guide containing the basics of that skincare “layering”.

Korean multi-steps beauty routine or
short skip-care beauty routine:
what to choose?

A little confusing when you are newbie in the skincare game, the Korean skincare routine will transforms the gestures of your daily beauty routine in an intuitive way: contrary to the popular belief, the K-beauty routine doesn’t take much time every day!

With a Korean beauty routine means optimize your time: each step is imagined to boost each previous one applied to the skin, in order to infuse the skin with a global treatment that targets all skin concerns.

Beloved by many fans in the world, the Korean beauty routine is neither harmful nor overloading for the skin. It is rather the contrary: each step is really light and penetrates quickly into skin, to leave it hydrated without any greasy feeling.

No need to realize 10 daily steps as we can read in many media: the Korean beauty routine can be highly simplified with few essential steps. In a few minutes a day, it allows a complete change from a short beauty routine with many significant virtues, which you will no longer be able to do without.

What are the essential Korean skincare routine steps?

The Korean skincare routine consists of a base of 7 complementary and very efficient steps. The serum and eye cream steps can be removed for the youngest (under 25 years old) or those in a hurry in the morning.

Our downloadable Korean beauty guide summarizes the fundamental steps to achieve clean, supple, balanced and glowy skin:

Step 1 (30 seconds): Oil-based makeup removal (cleansing oil is the best option) to get rid of all impurities accumulated during the day.
Step 2 (30 seconds): The low pH cleanser for deep but gentle cleaning.
In addition to step 2, once or twice a week: a chemical exfoliation (1 minute)
Step 3 (10 seconds): The toner to soothe the skin, eliminate any limestone residue and rebalance the skin without tightening it.
In addition to step 3 in weekly treatment: a mask (10 to 20 minutes).
Step 4 (10 seconds): The essence (serum) to infuse deeply the skin with active ingredients that will target your specific concerns (dark spots, wrinkles, acne…)
Step 5 (5 to 10 seconds): The eye contour to take care of this sensitive area which is the thinnest part of the face.
Step 6 (10 seconds): The cream that can be richer for the evening (as a sleeping mask) and a little lighter for the morning (as an emulsion/lotion). The moisturizer is used to wrap the skin in a small cocoon and lock the active ingredients as moisture.
Step 7 (10 seconds): Sunscreen is essential before going out: protecting your skin even in winter helps to avoid all the harmful effects of the sun on the skin barrier.
In a nutshell, the Korean beauty routine method only takes 2 to 5 minutes from your time twice a day!


What are the best products to compose
your Korean skincare routine?

You can find a set of treatments to perform each step on the Korean Smooch K-Beauty routine page. On this page, you will find a summary of all the gestures, tips and advice to choose your products the best way, as well as the mistakes to avoid in order to cherish your skin.

On our Korean beauty online shop based in Europe (France), find all our Korean products classified in categories in order to create a beauty routine adapted to your needs:

– by skin type
– by beauty concerns

During your research by category (cleanser, essence, facial cream…), we also placed sub-sections in a column on the left to offer you the possibility to organize your research according to your preferences (vegan-friendly products, cult K-beauty products…). Choosing the best Korean cosmetics adapted to your skin has never been easier!

Getting started:
Download our guide to the essential gestures of Korean / Japanese skincare routine

Download our simplified Korean beauty routine steps guide as a PDF, to print and hang in your bathroom as a memo!



Do you want to go further in the discovery?
Consult our guide to the steps of ultra-detailed Korean routine accompanied by our tips,
essential gestures to adopt to optimize each step, but also the list of products to avoid:



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