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It has been almost 2 months since we held our beautiful press event where Korean Smooch was in the spotlight.

A look back at our press day and the articles that focus on our Korean cosmetics. Projects are rushing at Korean Smooch, and we love to raise the curtain behind the scenes because this adventure is also possible thanks to you!


 The Korean Smooch team: who are we?

Thanks to the trust of our customers and our community, the Korean Smooch team has grown well since its opening in 2014.
Day by day, our team is overwhelmed with gratefulness to be lucky enough. (see our smiles on the picture!)

Our founder, Angélique Duprat, established the company to promote the Korean skincare products’ added-value compared to conventional occidental cosmetics, thanks to their unique dosage of hybrid active ingredients, between traditional medicinal plants and super-powerful molecules that are beloved by dermatologists.

The purpose of Korean Beauty brands? To change the beauty codes as we have known it until now, by proving that nothing is impossible in terms of skin care, whatever your age or your skin concern.


Angélique Duprat, founder of Korean Smooch


“I founded Korean Smooch after a personal story with my own skin and its multiple challenges: my unsuccessful attempts with the conventional cosmetics or consultations with renowned dermatologists have not been able to overcome my complex skin troubles.. It is by seeking THE ultimate path to explore that my path crossed by chance the one of Korean beauty products.

In just 4 days, I applied my Korean cosmetics following the traditional layering method, and it highly reduced my adult hormonal acne and persistent rosacea. Against all odds, the immediate “wow” effect was visible in the long-term on my skin. This experience changed my life: I also learned how to massage my face, to cherish my skin and to gain self-confidence thanks to these beautiful results. A new love story between me and my skin was born.

But above all, I wanted to share that experience with those who, like me, suffered from skin problems that seemed hopeless! This is why I wanted to create a unique and different store, which gives an easy access to these products with their incredible potential. High-tech AND traditional ingredients, original textures, and young brands driven by a common desire: to create effective skin care products for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

Korean Smooch wishes to initiate all women to this inner harmony, the key to renewed self-confidence.”

Angélique Duprat, founder of Korean Smooch


Throwback our press day…


Since our company was founded, we started with our Korean cosmetics online shop for customers living in France and whole Europe. But now, we also distribute our different Korean skincare brands in mortar shops located in Paris (concept stores, pharmacies, department stores…), as the country is craving for K-Beauty!

For example, we were proud to introduce Korean Beauty at the recently opened Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées store. In that trendy parisian hotspot for fashion and niche beauty, you can discover many of the best and latest Korean skincare brands. It will give you the opportunity to try it for real, feel their texture, fragrance and enjoy their stunning effects directly on your skin!

Galeries Lafayette Champs Elysées is open from Monday to Sunday to discover the world of Korean cosmetics. Bonus for foreigners: you can enjoy the Tax-Free service on all the K-Beauty brands available 🙂


Just a few days after this unique launch in Paris, we organized our first press event to put a highlight on our fabulous brands!

During this day, we introduced our brands to beauty influencers, journalists and skincare professionals. We were glad to talk with them about cosmetic trends and especially to make  them try and discover our high-end Korean products. Indeed, each Korean treatment has a very innovative sensoriality while providing amazing effects!

The purpose of that meeting was also to share a little more about our values, our history and the unique characteristics of Korean Smooch. For those who were missing, we would like to share few pictures of  this extraordinary moment…. This event held at the Grand Powers Hotel on Champs Elysées:


April 11, 2019 : a beautiful sunny day in Paris for a day dedicated to K-Beauty expertise… “à la française!”expert-korean-skincare-best-cosmetic-korean-smooch


We are committed to demonstrating that Korean cosmetics can be natural AND high quality, which is sometimes still not well known in France.

Many photo shares have been made on social networks, you can find on our Instagram and Facebook images of this day. We also wanted to say a big thank you for the very touching messages we received!




The bathroom is the perfect place to test and discover the products and their texture. It is important for us to explain and show how to use this unconventional skin care.

We have chosen to share our expert knowledge of these facial treatments from Korea in order to reveal the assets and uniqueness of these cosmetics: simplicity, innovation, performance and softness for the face.



Rich in emotions, we are proud to share a few selected moments of this important day with you! We shared all our passion and love for these cosmetics during that day. We hope that we have conveyed all this joy and made people discover a unique experience around Korean care with the journalists we met.

Our values

Our ambition? Prove that the K-Beauty is as clean and vegetable as you would like it to be without forgetting innovation and visible results! The aim of this day was to show that Korean products can be natural and of very high quality.

Founded in 2014, Korean Smooch is the first multi-brand online store specializing in Korean cosmetics that stand out, with clean and vegetable formulas.

Unique products, which differ from the “K-beauty” references best known in the West by their quality combining artisanal know-how, top-of-the-range ingredients, natural and gentle formulas and carefully designed packaging.

100% committed, we test each product on our own skins and only select those that have convinced us : sheet masks, pressed serum, bubble pad… No Korean innovation holds any secrets for us!

We are committed to total transparency with our brands and with you. Our customers and their opinions are a priority for us.


It is above all the ingredients of natural origin that count: Korean cosmetics are very attached to the plant richness offered by Korea (Jeju green tea, fermented soya, ginseng…) and they fully trust the power of plants.

This is one of the greatest advantages of Korean cosmetics: whatever your budget, you can get treatments rich in active ingredients and plant extracts, which make them extremely effective.

It is true that Korean cosmetics do not yet have labels because organic and natural labels are not very present in Korea, except in food. Their priority is efficiency.

Many products and brands respect the conditions to have a label on their packaging, but the process is long and costly to obtain these certifications, which also no longer guarantee the same level of quality. For these reasons, we do not display any label but we specify their specificities on each product sheet.

As in France, animal testing is prohibited in South Korea, so we guarantee you care that is not tested on animals.

Our products spotted in the French medias

After testing our products, here is a sneak peak of beauty editors’ pick:

 A look back at the articles that took care to communicate on the universe of Korean Smooch.

This article discusses layering and the benefits of this care routine.
A detailed article on the key steps for healthy skin using the Korean method.
Korean Smooch thanks to its treatments allows beauty routines unique to the Korean way.

“The benefits go beyond aesthetic considerations: the method is based on “an attentive gesture that enhances natural beauty and opens the way to well-being.”
“To be tested urgently therefore! “


In this article, Le Journal des Femmes presents Korean Smooch, our ethics, our care
and our transparency in all clarity.“It’s a treasure chest for all beauty lovers. The textures are ultra sensory, the packaging very amusing and the formulas, always at the forefront. You can go in with your eyes closed! “
Biba defines Korean Smooch as “eshop for fans of Korean beauty”.
This article discusses our ethics and the particularity of our natural care.
“The big plus of this online store: INCI lists[…] and instructions for all care are provided in French…[…] In search of innovative and effective care?
It’s on Korean Smooch that it’s happening!”


grazia-logo-presse-korean-smoochThis article focused on our cult and clean treatments: Blithe’s splash mask, Whamisa skincares and Blossom Jeju skincares. Increasingly effective and unnecessary care.
The most according to them: “Everything has been designed to simplify the use and daily life of users, but without giving up expertise.”
“The formulas are very clean. …. the products follow simple care protocols,
and are certified minimum “7-free”. In short: the era of opaque brands is over!”


The Obsession Luxe article evokes our commitments and values around transparency, a real favorite of their writing!
Korean Smooch works “with a real passion and unique know-how in “K-Beauty”, Korean Smooch is the first web concept store dedicated to natural Korean cosmetics, BIO and vegan-friendly.”
What do they think is our advantage? “To offer you only the best of the hand-picked Korean brands among the countless references available in South Korea”.



In this article, Le Point highlighted the world of Korean cosmetics in a very broad sense.
The Korean wave and their very popular cosmetics in Europe.
We are pleased to be cited as a precursor to the care that comes from there.



In this article, Korean Smooch and its points of sale are described.
The focus is also on the creator of Korean Smooch and her touching story.

“For the past year, Korean Smooch, which delivers its products throughout Europe but still makes the majority of its sales in France, has extended its activity to that of distributor for physical networks.”


In the article in the Styles express, the world of K-beauty is described. Korean Smooch is promoted thanks to its innovative, clean and vegan-friendly formulas.
You will discover many treatments that they pamper to take care of their skin.



 For the most curious, these articles are to be discovered in their entirety here :   

Find out more about our services and commitments on our website!
Thank you all for your support,
your encouragement and trust, nothing is more precious to us!

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