Make P:rem is now available in Europe: our insight


The trendy Korean skincare Make P: rem just arrived in Korean Smooch, as a European premiere.

A Hygge spirit that makes you want to curl up on the couch on a Sunday afternoon, covered with a blanket plaid, a mug of tea in hand to enjoy all the benefits of his care.



Micro Trans Moisture Technology, by Make P:rem

Face to skin troubles, Make P:rem takes action! To target quickly the concerns that have been installed for a long time, Make P: rem has developed and patented the Micro Trans Moisture technology, which has the distinction of diffusing its moisturizing active ingredients deeper into the skin than ordinary skincare products, and to lock hydration for a long time.

Inspired by the Nordic lifestyle called “Hygge” and the North European pragmatism that uses the best materials and simple-to-use products, Make P:rem wanted to design effective products without overpackage, through a functional design making the beauty ritual simple and pleasant.

Micro Trans Moisture ™ is the patented skin technology developed by Make P:REM. An effective system that improves the stability and penetration of ingredients into skin. This unique technique is even more effective than liposome technology containing encapsulated actives for a deep absorption. The Micro Trans Moisture technique promotes the absorption of active ingredients in the deep layers of the skin to better moisturize and firm it from the inside.

In technological partnership with the VTT Institute Finland, the brand has also focused on a unique ingredient present in all of its formulas: the “Nordic Beauty TM Rubus Arcticus”, a Finnish ultra antioxidant wild berry found only in this area.

Make P:rem : our curation



Make P:rem Korean skincare products’ range is not lacking of diversity: the Safe Me line matches all skin types needs, though it was developed for sensitive, stressed and irritated skin.

It is composed of:

The daily skincare routine…


The biphased cleansing water because sometimes, we cannot choose between a cleansing oil and a cleansing water, Make P:rem has combined the two types in a skincare cleansing water two-phase! Efficient but gentle: its non-irritating and clean formula is enriched with a complex of 5 antioxidant red berries to preserve hydration, wake up the radiance of the complexion and smooth the small asperities. His big plus? A XL 400ml format that never seems to end …

Creamy facial cleanser : Make P:rem is convinced that cleansing foams are the best option to purify sensitive skins without stressing them out. That cleansing foam has a 5,5 low pH strictly similar to the natural skin barrier pH. Thus, it doesn’t dry out the skin but enforces its natural defenses while soothing its discomfort (redness, blemishes, tightening…) .

Milky AHAH peeling: a silky exfoliant without scrubbing materials formulated with acids, that gently take off dead skin cells while promoting complexion radiance. In addition, the fatty acids (veggie squalane) and omega-7 nourish, moisturize, soothe and repair skin for more suppleness. Even sensitive skins can use it!

Gentle skin toner: limescale and all the particles present in tap water can cause discomfort when cleaning your skin. To eliminate it forever, we advise you to use a skin toner after each wash. Make P:rem toner is very soft and alcohol-free: its pH of 5.5 is strictly equal to the natural pH of the skin, and therefore readjusts it naturally. The skin is clean, ready to absorb its care.

Serum-essence: the serum is the key step of the routine because it is the most concentrated in active ingredients. Make P: rem serum helps restore the balance of irritated skins by strengthening their hydro-lipidic film. It contains key ingredients such as ceramides, known to seal moisture in the skin and wrap it with long-lasting protection. In addition,  bergamot and sage essential oils provide soothing benefits against itching and purify pores.

The face cream: a universal face cream that works for EVERYONE! With only 12 ingredients, it targets all the concerns of all skin types. Non-irritating and non-occlusive, it moisturizes and soothes with a lightweight texture. Skin that are always disappointed in facial creams (too rich and not effective enough) will be amazed by this moisturizer!


The complementary skincare line…


To complete the skincare line, we curated a collection composed of 3 facial masks. Each of them made of an unique texture:

Safe Me: Ultra Thin, Make P: rem Safe Me Relief Moisture Mask mask acts as a soothing and restorative gauze on discomfort-prone skin. Our rescuing mask when the skin is exhausted!

Wrapping Me: the foil mask that re-creates the sensation of a facial steam bath, to smooth out and re-hydrate the skin 25 times faster than a regular sheet mask!

Layering Me: a double-masking technique with 2 masks to layer, in order to enjoy tenfold benefits onto skin. The bonus: it covers the neck area to effectively fix sagging skin.

Want to give a try ? You can buy Make P:rem Korean skincare now in Europe on !

Boutique de cosmétiques coréens naturels, BIO, vegan-friendly en France. Livraison en Europe.

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