Merbliss: when K-Beauty feels like happiness therapy!


May Everyday Remain Bliss! Recent brand born and raised in Seoul, Merbliss (멀블리스) makes exclusive preview on our shop.

Merbliss Korean cosmetics are born from the creativity of young entrepreneurs, impassioned of fashion and beauty. Positive vibes: here is the strength of Merbliss that wanted to revolutionize the Korean cosmetic market by bringing innovative and original products. And it is successful!



Their will? Create simple products yet ultra-effective for every woman and even men.

Merbliss creates its products in collaboration with the best Korean master craftsmen specialized in natural soaps. Merbliss also gives a percentage of his profit to charity.


Merbliss: what product will fit your skin?

Merbliss The Jackson: acne-prone skin friendly


Merbliss The Jackson Bi-Leanser is a funny black soap ideal for oily skin prone to blemishes. Formulated with bamboo charcoal heated to more than 1000, a manufacturing process that preserves all the benefits of this soothing and regulating ingredient.

The pores are refined, blemishes disappear and sebum production is balanced. To be used directly on wet skin, using a cleansing brush or to leave as a mask for 5 minutes.

Shop yours here!


Merbliss Full Moon Soap: soothing and brightening


Dehydrated, dry, dull or mature skin? The Merbliss Full moon soap is there for you! Formulated with makgeolli, the fermented Korean rice wine alcohol known to be an excellent hydration booster, this soap works to improve the radiance of complexion and reduce the aging sign.

In addition, it unifies skins prone to hyper pigmentation such as dark spots, and soothes redness and inflammations.The complexion is definitely glowy and healthy!

The bi-leanser Merbliss Full Moon works the same way than The Jackson. To shop here.

Merbliss Wedding Dress Line:
hydrating, firming, birghtening


The Merbliss Wedding Dress line is fantastically brightening and hydrating! This line consists in creamy cleansing, a 2 in 1 pearl mask-soap and a sheet mask soaked in pearl and caviar. These 2 anti-aging and hydrating ingredients leaves the skin glowing and soothing!

Once or twice a week, we offer to our skin the attention that she deserves with the Wedding dress New bride ghassoul clay mask packed with Moroccan rhassoul and kaolin. Enriched in minerals and vitamins, this mask purifies and brightens the complexion.

This routine imparts lasting hydration leaving the skin radiant just as a young bride!

Want to give a try?
Merbliss is now in Europe!

he Korean beauty brand Merbliss is available in France and in European countries, exclusively on Korean Smooch. Newest Merbliss products curation is coming soon, so stay tuned!

Boutique de cosmétiques coréens naturels, BIO, vegan-friendly en France. Livraison en Europe.

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