Portrait of an inspiring woman : Angélique Duprat


We have decided to introduce you with some portraits that have came across a great journey. Because each portrait bears witness to an extraordinary personality and struggle. Through each history, we understand what true beauty is. Because beauty is also a matter of personality!

Today we have decided to honor a woman with an atypical and above all outstanding career. After a multitude of diagnosed skin problems and lot of visits to different dermatologists, she tells us about her struggle against her worries that dermatologists considered difficult to treat! We wanted to know what her eczema, couperose, erythrosis, hormonal acne and adult acne brought her.

A woman with a big heart and a very touching story.
A look back at our interview with her:

Let’s discover the portrait of Angélique Duprat


-For you what is beauty? What is the definition of femininity for you?

“Beauty and femininity are a story of attitude and energy, restraint and elegance, a balance between softness and strength. I love stunning and atypical women, those who dare, who assume their choices against all odds, whatever they are.”


-What is your story?

“The story of a young woman who couldn’t look in the mirror because of her skin problems, which were difficult or even impossible to treat. Then that of a woman who today has a real tenderness for her faults, and who is able to accept her imperfections and to assume them fully. To age is to learn to “let it be”.”


-What is your daily strength?

“Without a doubt, to be surrounded by caring and ultra-positive people in both my private and professional life. Being loved and appreciated for who you give you incredible strength and invites you to surpass yourself.”


-What message would you like to convey?

“There are so many… In my experience, avoiding any form of judgment, both on oneself and on others, allows for greater freedom, joy, absolute trust in the universe or life (each person giving it the name they want). When things are no longer seen in a self-centered way but as they are, it is an absolute upheaval and freedom.”


-What was the trigger for introducing oneself to the world?

“Honestly, my team asked me to think about it, and had to push me a little bit because I’m not yet perfectly comfortable with my image. They were so kind, so warm and gentle that I saw myself almost pretty in their eyes. I told myself that I had to pass on to them, who are younger, the desire to assume themselves as they are, to laugh at their imperfections, most of which exist only in our heads, and to keep their heads held high.

I admire women who take on their “defects”, or at least what society calls them, and turn them into a strength. I am overwhelmed by their courage and their choices to take care of themselves. Daring to show your acne, for example, publicly, is such a brave and strong act. So I have to include myself in this process, I who have been through the same thing and maybe my voice can help other women.”



« You don’t have to be born beautiful to be wildly attractive. »
Diana Vreeland


This meeting allows us to understand the beautiful journey she has lived!
She comes out of it grown and changed.
We hope that this can also give courage to some of them.
Because yes, beauty is also a state of mind and a personality!
See you soon on the blog for a new portrait!

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