Review on the green brand Georganic


Are you looking for a brand that cannot be ignored in the natural world?
We unveil to you the best of Korean care based on precious know-how and cutting-edge science, at the service of high-performance, high-tech care.
At last a skincare brand that understands our skin!


Who is Georganic ?


A brand new brand in Korea, Georganic draws the best for your skin.
Focusing on the knowledge of nature, the Korean facial skincare brand GEORGANIC continues its dermo-cosmetic research into organic beauty, carried by the wisdom it inspires.
A quest for the perfect balance between natural and soft ingredients that have proven their worth, sprinkled with a unique know-how that makes all the difference.

20-free formulas: free of controversial substances and ingredients certified organic by Ecocert, and we love it!
The big plus of the brand? Ideal care for all skin types!

Let’s discover together the care of this brand, rich in exceptional virtues that make it a precious gift!

The Korean double cleansing method by Georganic:

A range of cleansing treatments based on an exclusive ingredient!
A superfood par excellence, red rice is a powerful antioxidant. Fermented at low temperature, it displays all its benefits and is full of nutrients capable of rebalancing the skin and preserving its natural defences.


The cleansing oil


An organic Korean make-up remover oil, based on fermented red rice and 11 natural vegetable oils.
Designed with a fluid formula, effective even on waterproof and leaving no residue or greasy film!

A noble make-up remover oil, with ingredients certified organic by Ecocert, with a delicate formulation but extremely effective!

This treatment was even seen in Flair!

A real extraordinary treatment that removes impurities accumulated during the day, while leaving a protective and soft finish on your skin.


Water-based cleanser

GEORGANIC Red Yeast Rice Foaming Cleanser is a foaming cleaner with a mild pH, 9 natural vegetable oils and the enzyme obtained from fermented rice for 360 hours. A blend of noble ingredients approved by Ecocert that respects the natural skin barrier.
This facial foam is suitable for all skin types. It gently removes impurities, dead cells, refines the skin texture and gives the complexion a matte finish. This multi-action cleanser will captivate your heart!

This cleaner guarantees:

  • A light foam
  • Little product for a large amount of foam
  • Economical: one pressure is enough for the entire face
  • An ultra-practical pump
  • A gentle composition that deeply cleanses impurities
  • A transparent bottle for a more practical side and a product that hides nothing from youDiscover it in video by clicking here

This treatment is also Nicolas Maury’s favorite of the moment! Here is what he shares with us about this unique treatment:

“I discovered this product on korean-smooch, the first site to have distributed in France sharp, clean and efficient Korean brands.
In the shower, I use one or two pressures of this delicate foam based on vegetable oils and fermented red rice. Antibacterial and in ecosystem with the skin, it gently cleanses the face, removes impurities and exfoliates it.
It’s surprising how much it makes a clean place without stripping.”

Hawaii water toner:  Exceptional care

The 82% deep sea water tonic from Hawaii, an island with idyllic landscapes for a unique hydration and soothing bath. This lotion will take you away from your daily routine with its relaxing scent and soft finish on your skin!

This revitalizing and balancing lotion with essential minerals neutralizes limescale after cleansing, thus avoiding any tightness and promoting the diffusion of active ingredients in the skin!

GEORGANIC Hawaiian Deep Sea Toner is a moisturizing and nourishing tonic lotion with a soft pH, which contains 84% Hawaiian deep sea water rich in essential minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium.

In addition, it acts on the radiance of the complexion and offers a velvety skin texture thanks to its water content of rose, niacinamide and bifida (ferments).

Georganic essences: intelligents and practicals

The 2 Georganic serums for a healthy skin: discover them with Propolis or Galactomyces.
Their advantages? They are adapted to all skin types and also target your skin problems!

To help you select yours, let’s discover the virtues of each one:
Galactomyces serum will be moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, Brightening and stimulates cell regeneration.
A serum with galactomyces and 5 vegetable oils with the perfect formula to hydrate, plump and even out the complexion!

Propolis serum rebalances water / oil, calms inflammation and redness, promotes healing and is regenerating.
It stimulates cell regeneration, balances the skin and reduces inflammation, making it the ideal serum for combination, oily, acneic and sensitive skin.

These serums have been cleverly designed and composed to ensure long-lasting effectiveness and the most radiant and healthy skin you’ve ever seen.


Georganic creams, balms and gel creams :
the ultimate moisturizers


3 Georganic creams for 3 textures and 3 different actions:

The rich cream with a light finish on your skin: A Korean face cream based on natural extracts and goat’s milk for a velvety and luminous complexion. rich in fatty acids, goat’s milk adjusts the skin’s PH. Its antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties fight against skin ageing, restore and restore suppleness and elasticity. Niacinamide acts as a reinforcement as a brightener that unifies the complexion, reduces pigment spots and prolongs hydration. Its content of anti-inflammatory, healing and soothing bisabololol soothes and deeply repairs stressed skin. The skin regains its comfort and a velvety touch.

The water cream: A light cream with Hawaiian seawater, combined with active anti-oxidant and anti-aging bifida. A real hydration bomb! A superstar ingredient in cell renewal, bifida is also known for its antioxidant, anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Ferments work small miracles by rebalancing the skin! This cream deeply hydrates while strengthening the skin barrier thanks to its content of galactomyces, with regenerating and revitalizing properties.


The nourishing and nutritious balm: Nourishes and repairs like a balm, moisturizes like a cream. A care cocoon for irritated and stressed skin. This lightweight cream melts gently into the skin and is instantly absorbed to provide deep hydration and strengthens the skin’s barrier. Its repairing phytosterols promote the regeneration of the epidermis and relieve all skin types. It promotes skin hydration and strengthens its protective barrier. In addition, chlorella (a natural algae) infuses the skin with antioxidant benefits allowing the healing and regeneration of tissues.

Each ingredient has been drawn from the best that nature has to offer for exceptional compositions. The most effective active ingredients are at the service of beneficial and prodigious care, from Georganic.

Make way for simplicity and naturalness with the Georganic brand
So what are you waiting for to go to the green?


These treatments are available exclusively in Europe on Korean-Smooch

Boutique de cosmétiques coréens naturels, BIO, vegan-friendly en France. Livraison en Europe.

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