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Ion enhancer mask

By Leegeehaam

Deep & Quick Ion Enhancer is used with facial masks to enhance penetration of active ingredients contained inside the mask, providing an optimal result.

> Ion mask with electrodes
> Provide a deep absorption of active ingredients into skin
> Radiant and soothed complexion

All skin types

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Deep & Quick Ion Enhancer is a home beauty care device based on iontophoresis technology. Use it with your facial mask sheets to enhance penetration of active ingredients contained inside the mask deep into the skin, providing the optimal result with a radiant and healthy complexion.

Microcurrent emitted from the metal places circulates the active ingredients around and deep inside the skin for quicker and deeper infusion.

This device offers 3 modes for every skin type needs:

  • Blue LED (the lowest intensity) is for sensitive skin types.
  • Purple LED (the medium intensity) for dry skin types.
  • Red LED (the highest intensity) for oily skin types.

No additional charger required. Just replenish a new battery once the LED light on the controller goes dim!

Contains :

1 main body + 1 user manual + 1ea battery.

> Made in Korea
> CE certified

N.B: In Asia, the manufacturing date is printed on skin care packagings (제조). Sometimes, the expiration date is also mentioned (까지).

> Place facial mask on face first.
> Place Deep & Quick Ion Enhancer on top of the facial mask.
> Adjust electrodes to place them tightly on face.
> Press the power button for about 2 seconds to turn on the device.
> Press the power button again. The level 1 mode starts with a “beep” sound.
> Press the power button shortly to change the level.

Maintenance and storage:

> Wipe out the clean after each use. Gently wipe out with dry cloth. 
> Store it safe, away from severe shock or pressure, which may cause damage or breakage to the product.
> Avoid storing in places with direct sunlight, high temperature, or high humidity.

Battery replacement: 

> Battery insertion area is located on the right electrode side. Replace battery if the LED on the button part goes dim.
> Hold the device with one hand and gently pull out the insertion area located on the right electrode with the other hand.
> Replace with the right battery type CR2032 3V. 
> Place the battery with the positive side facing upwards.
> Assemble the parts again. 

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