Yuri Pibu

Beauty is in nature, and Yuri Pibu knows it: in its secret garden, the brand cultivates the purest plant ingredients such as black diamond truffle, artichoke, rose or centella asiatica.

In Korean, 유리 피부 (Yuripibu) means "skin of glass"! The promise of a cleaner, more radiant complexion is possible thanks to pure compositions, free of fragrance, mineral oil, parabens and synthetic ingredients.

Discover the natural Korean cosmetics Yuri Pibu.

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    Yuri Pibu

    Artichoke the secret ingredient for beautiful skin. We say YES to the natural Korean serum Yuri Pibu Artichoke Power Essence! > 60% extract of artichoke leaves, ceramides, natural ferments> Moisturizes, regenerates, purifies and tones> Reduces blemishes and appearance of pores All skin types

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    Yuri Pibu

    Enjoy the comfort of a soothed and balanced skin with the Korean face care line YURI PIBU Artichoke & Parsley! > 60% artichoke leaves and extracts of parsley> Moisturizing, purifying and toning> Reduces the appearance of pores All skin types 

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    Yuri Pibu

    The best of Korean botany packed in a concentrated tonic lotion. Discover Yuri Pibu Parsley Herb Toner! > 60% parsley extract, water of witch hazel, green tea, lavender> Moisturizing, purifying and rebalancing> Oil control, reduce blemishes> 6-Free All skin types

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    Yuri Pibu

    YURI PIBU Parsley Balancing Herbal Lotion is a light moisturizing and unifying emulsion rich in vitamin C. > 60% parsley extract> Moisturizing, purifying and rebalancing> Limits skin's breakouts and excess sebum> 6-Free All skin types

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