All our products are made in Korea (manufactured in South Korea) according to strict standards: they have the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification which guarantees good manufacturing practices from a health and social point of view.

Each of our products complies with the requirements of European Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009, analyzed and certified by sworn European laboratories before being put on the European market. The laboratory analyzes each product to verify that it can be sold in Europe, produces a cosmetic file summarizing all its analyzes, and registers it on the official CPNP portal (the platform made available to the European health authorities to stay in connection with foreign-based brands).

Indeed, the authorities rely on this portal to verify that all "identity cards" of each imported product are complete, and the labeling on packaging sold in the territory is consistent with this analysis report.

Today, all the brands we offer follow this meticulous process. We are officially mandated by the brands as an official distributor.


Mizon, Study House, Innisfree ... So many iconic brands not listed in our directory, which does not fail to stir your curiosity! The reason ? These brands and their products are not authorized to be marketed on the European territory, because they do not have the homologations required by the European Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009. This does not mean that they have not followed the legal protocol established by Europe and that they are therefore cruelly lacking in transparency. For example, their records are not translated into French, and ingredient lists may not display or detail certain components, such as allergens that are valuable indicators. Some even contain forbidden ingredients on our territory.

Other Korean brands are sold under exclusivity contracts at major brands, and can not be distributed on korean-smooch.com, but also because they do not meet our strict selection standards. Because our strength is also this: we make a selection that looks like us, with an expert eye to retain only the best of Korean care

Finally, some lines of products that we market are limited because the brands have decided to approve only their best sellers for the European market.

In summary, we would like to offer you an unlimited choice, but we must respect the legislation in force during our selection. However, we encourage our Korean partners to expand their offer and, for that, you feedbacks are very useful :)



Whether for legal reasons or to make your life easier, we translate and label each product in French and English so you can understand the instructions for use without difficulty. These translations and advice are also available on each of our product sheets, in accordance with the legal information requirements that require resellers of cosmetic products to post the list of European INCI ingredients.

Clearly, the ingredients are listed in descending order of concentration, and all allergens in the formula are explained so that there are no surprises. Thus, any different list of ingredients that you may find on other online stores based in Europe or products sold in stores in Europe is not in conformity.

And because it is not easy to understand what is really in a composition filled with Latin names, we decode for you the key ingredients, and explain the virtues.

All this professional work, very often taken over by other shops, is at your disposal to certify you the greatest possible transparency.


The import activity of foreign products inevitably impacts the final selling price of a product.

For us, no dropshipping or supply through intermediaries: we do not deal with any distributor (unless it is designated by the mark for the European Union), agent or wholesaler. In addition, we do not buy on Korean-based consumer-facing websites that are known for their huge discounts, which are widely used by most stores that buy and sell Korean cosmetics in France. Finally, we do not buy our physical store in Seoul.

The head office of our company is located in France: thus, we import directly our products from South Korea-based brands and are subject to many costs at the time of importation: import taxes, delivery fees, labeling of the merchandise...

With each restocking with the brands, these last ones impose us a minimum amount of order, but we also ask to respect mandatory minimum public prices decided by their care for the European territory. It is therefore impossible for us to "break the price" because that would amount to breaking their brand image.

For all these reasons, buying your products in Korea will probably seem less expensive, but the service offered will not be the same: traceability not guaranteed, no translation into French on packagings, no advice and even less the famous list of detailed ingredients to the European.

Finally, our team is growing in order to better serve you: every euro spent at Korean Smooch supports the development of a French company, made up of experts and passionate people who have not one goal in mind: to make you live the best possible "skin story" :)

All our professionalism, our know-how, our experience in France as in South Korea makes us the European leader in the import, distribution and online sale of Korean cosmetics since 2014.


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