The Korean Smooch expertise

With more than 7 years of passion and know how in « k-beauty », Korean Smooch is the first concept store dedicated to Korean confidential cosmetics.

Our promise? Suggest you only the best korean brands, carefully selected among the currently various existing references in South Korea. Young brands at the forefront of innovation that provide natural and specialized products. We also aim to initiate you to the latest beauty trends and tips, and new care methods that balance between pleasure and immediate results.

« I wanted to create a unique and different place, far from the traditional korean brands known by all. A place dedicated to confidential cosmetics “born and raised” in Seoul, that are different by their unusual texture, innovative ingredients, manufacturing method at the forefront of technology, and with the ultimate desired: designed the best for all skin types, even the most sensitive one.

Beyond technical achievement, the south Korean beauty is marked by holistic vision: a meticulously ritual that enhances the natural beauty and well-being. Korean Smooch seeks for the perfect balance between exclusive products and improvement of self-confidence. »

Angélique, founder

« Few years ago, I fell in love with Korean layering routine beauty. Since that day, everything has changed: my reactive skin became soothes, blemishes diminished and my complexion regains forth radiance. Take care of myself was no longer painful and became a pure moment of pleasure. I put my heart in every beauty gesture. Quickly, I understood how much the Korean skincare was efficient compare to conventional skincares, thanks to their unique dosage of hybrid active ingredients, between traditional medicinal plants and overpowering molecules acclaimed by dermatologists.

Proud to have found a skin as pleasant to touch as to look, I wanted to share this revolutionize beauty treasure with you. My will? To overturn the traditional codes of beauty as we knew it until now, by proving that nothing is impossible when it comes to skin care, whatever your age or concerns. My motto? Pleased yourself by testing the various experience initiate by the k-beauty. »

Laura, partner

How do our products are selected?

The brand selection criteria are willingly stricts, in order to retain only the best of k-beauty. Each care selectionated are tested on our own skin for several months to guarantee you the best quality possible. Constantly listening your feedbacks, we transmit your ideas to brands with whom we are working with, to keep suggest you product always more innovative and efficient.

Our commitment:

  • Young forward-thinking brand, based on a concept that differentiate itself from others
  • Controlled, standardized, ethical and sustainable manufacturing techniques
  • Formulas concentrated in active ingredients, between ancestral pharmacopoeia and state-of-the-art Korean formulas
  • Natural products, bio (with or without certifiate), 7-Free, free of PEG, silicone, mineral oils, synthetic dyes or chemical fragrances
  • Skincare that are not tested on animals and free of animal origin ingredients (Snail slime is harvested without harming the animal well-being while bee venom is created synthetically.


Our services


In every purchase, we put free samples & realize a handcrafted and neat packaging, delivered to your home in 48h.


Our product are selected according to skin types and beauty concerns to help you designing a routine that perfectly meets your skin’s needs.


Our k-beauty experts answer all your question and even provide you customized personal beauty coaching, you simply have to send an email to:

A layering ritual guideline is also provided to upload.

Finally, all our product sheets are completed to inform you the best way possible and to be totally transparent: ingredients, how to use, tutorials.


Reactive and listening, our team is doing everything in its power to answer all your questions, whether on social network or by e-mail.


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