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Argan oil mask

By Neogen Dermalogy

NEOGEN Essential Mask Set is a box of 4 masks to choose according to the immediate need of your skin. The opportunity to discover all the essential masks of the brand.

> 4 cloth masks
> 1 mask by beauty concern
> Fine and soft fiber

All skin types


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Description Ingredients How to use

Because the skin is a reflection of what we feel inside: sometimes tired, irritated, or thrust imperfections in full cycle ... NEOGEN provides a key solution to meet its needs in real time. The set NEOGEN Essential Mask Set is composed of 4 masks which each offer a deep care, to be adopted according to the situation of the skin of the day!


- NEOGEN Argan Essential Oil Mask: protective fabric mask argan oil and protective that brings comfort to dry skin or skin feeling tight.

- NEOGEN Mexican Aloe Essential Mask: a fabric mask with aloe vera that provides immediate relief of redness, rebalances excess sebum and maintains good hydration. Ideal for combination, oily, red, or dehydrated skin.

- NEOGEN Black Caviar Essential Mask: a fabric mask with anti-oxidant caviar that brings vitality and comfort to all skin types. It prevents the appearance of signs of the time and is particularly suitable for mature skin or very tired.

- NEOGEN Milk Cream Essential Mask: a fabric mask with milk proteins that boosts the clarity of the complexion, revives hydration, tames imperfections ... The skin is softer to the touch and ultraluminous. This is the off-road mask!

The essential...

For what skin type? 

> All skin, especially dry skin, tired, relaxed.

Works on :

> Dehydration, tightness
> Inflammation of the skin
> Signs of age
> Dull complexion
> Redness and tightness
> Dilated pores and excess sebum

Key ingredients:

> Argan oil: Morocco's beauty secret, argan oil moisturizes, nourishes and protects all skin types.

> Hyaluronic acid: its anti-aging and tensor effects are known to plump the skin and reduce the general appearance of wrinkles.

> Protein of milk: adored by the great Queen of Egypt Cleopatra, the milk has moisturizing and regenerating virtues. Its natural content of lactic acid contributes to the reduction of the pigment spots and brings a fresh blow to the complexion.

> Caviar extract: an incredible secret of anti-aging beauty, thanks to its high content of magnesium, calcium, amino acids, omega 3, vitamins (A and D), and trace elements. Vitellin, extracted from sturgeon eggs, is rich in phospholipids and phosphoproteins, components essential to the good health of our skin.

> Aloe vera: plant capable of surviving in the most arid zones, aloe vera reveals multiple powers: moisturizing, smoothing, tensing, anti-wrinkle, rebalancing and mattifying.

The +: Formulated without Paraben / Colorant / TEA Benzophenone / Sorbic Acid / Benzyl Alcohol

composition and volume :

refer to each detailed product sheet.

> Made in Korea

N.B: In Asia, the manufacturing date is printed on skin care packagings (제조). Sometimes, the expiration date is also mentioned (까지).

> After washing your face and apply a toner, pull out the mask and carefully place it on the face.
> Remove after 20 minutes and tap lightly to absorb the remaining essence into the skin.
> Use 2-3 times a week (single-use mask).

For a good preservation of the mask, we advise you to keep it away from heat. If redness appears, we recommend that you stop using. Keep out of reach of children.

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