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"Zéro Spot !" routine

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Tired of pimples and breakouts? We say stop!

The beauty routine "Zero Spot!" is ideal for getting a perfectly clean skin 

> Complete Korean Layering Routine
> Purifying, regulating and astringent
> Refines the skin texture, unifies the complexion

Skin prone to breakouts


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Pores dilated and dirty? Grain of scrambled skin? Excess of sebum? We say stop!

Based on the Korean layering method, this beauty routine contains:

- 1 organic cleansing oil WHAMISA Cleansing Oil
- 1 cleaning brush CORINGCO Coc Peach
- 1 cleanser LEEGEEHAAM Tea Tree Cleansing Foam
- 1 tonic lotion MIZON AC Care Solution
- 1 serum COSRX BHA Blackpower Liquid
- 1 emulsion COSRX Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion
- 1 cloth mask MERBLISS Nurse Healing
- 1 anti-button serum PETITFEE KOELF Hate U RED Spot
- 1 package of 24 COSRX anti-imperfections patches

6 steps:

> Step 1:Cleansing oil catches and removes all impurities, sebum, and dead skin cells accumulated during the day like a magnet. The Whamisa cleansing oil turns into milky texture in contact with water and does not leave any greasy residue.

> Step 2: The cleanser removes the last residues of cleansing oil and gently cleanses the skin. LEE JIHAM Cleanser removes dead skin cells, regulates excess of sebum and smoothes skin texture leaving the complexion is purified. 

> Step 3:The tonic lotion soothes the skin after cleaning, softening and hydrating, and allows an optimal absorption of the serum and the cream. MIZON tonic packed with salicylic acid is ideal for treating excess of sebum and removing impurities housed in the pores (blackheads, whiteheads ...), while calming redness. Overtime, the pores are clarified, the skin texture refined and the skin soothed.

Intermediate stage: the Merbliss sheet mask purifies and tightens the dilated pores, while boosting the hydration and reducing the redness. It unifies the complexion Allow to stand once for 10 to 20 minutes before proceeding to the upper steps.

> Step 4: Serum is a fluid formulated with powerful active ingredients, which penetrates into deep layers of the skin to treat skin problems in the most effective way. Propolis serum is highly effective against signs of aging, dark spot and greyish complexion. Less tired, the skin looks younger!

> Step 5: The emulsion seals the active ingredients of the serum into skin to prolong their effectiveness, soothes and protects the skin throughout the day. The Yuri Pibu fluid acts against skin's breakouts while providing a light hydration.

Used punctually when the need arises, the COSRX treatment patches and the KOELF serum that treat the localized skin's breakouts. They dry the pimples, promote their healing and prevent their further appearance.


Refer to each product sheet

> Products made in South Korea

N.B: In Asia, the manufacturing date is printed on skin care packagings (제조). Sometimes, the expiration date is also mentioned (까지).

> On clean, dry skin, apply the products in the order indicated, gently patting until absorbed

Smoochy tip: Place your products in the fridge for even tighter pores and a glowing complexion!

For good care, we advise you to keep them away from heat. If redness appears, we recommend that you stop using. Keep out of reach of children.

Need help? Our K-Beauty advisors guide you to create your personalized Korean beauty routine: conseil@korean-smooch.com

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