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Whamisa Double Cleanse

By Whamisa

The Korean beauty ritual starts as soon as the face is cleansed. This step is the basis of a purified, healthy and radiant skin of beauty. The Whamisa double cleansing routine consists of an organic cleansing oil, an organic cleanser and a cleansing face brush.

> Deep cleansing routine
> Purifies and hydrates
> Glowy and unified complexion

All skin types


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The double cleansing method (cleansing oil + water-based cleanser) is the cornerstone of the Korean beauty routine. An essential gesture for an healthy skin!

It consists in successively using an oily make-up remover, then a cream cleanser with a soft pH. How to pimp your routine? Boost the effectiveness of the cleanser with a Korean face brush, to deeply clean the pores!

The result? Tight pores, controlled imperfections, perfectly cleansed skin, cleared of dead cells and impurities, allowing the skin care products to act better in depth.

This double cleanse routine contents

- 1 Whamisa Organic Flower Cleansing Oil (150 ml)
- 1 WHAMISA Organic Flower Cleansing Cream (200ml) 
- 1 COC PEACH Korean Cleansing Pore Brush

It works in 2 steps :

> Step 1 : the cleansing oil attracts impurities clogs in pores like a magnet. The Whamisa Korean organic cleansing oil turns into a milky texture and is easy to rinse-off.

> Step 2 : the water-based cleanser perfects the oil action and gently purifies skin. The foaming creamy cleanser from WHAMISA removes the dead cells responsible for the dull complexion and prepares hydration. The complexion is brighter, fresh and hydrated!

> The cult beauty tool : the Coringco Coc Peach - Korean Cleansing Pore Brush ! With its super soft and gentle fine fibers, it creates a generous cleansing foam and deeply unclogs without irritation. Get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and sebum excess!

The + : a high capacity for a perfect cleansing for months.


refer to each product description.

> Made in South Korea
> Brush made in PRC. 

N.B: In Asia, the manufacturing date is printed on skin care packagings (제조). Sometimes, the expiration date is also mentioned (까지).

Cleansing oil:

> Warm the oil in your hands and apply it on a dry face
> Massage in circular movements, including on the eyes (however do not open them, the oil may sting) by gently rubbing the eyelashes from the root to the tips to melt the mascara
> Rinse with lukewarm water and then continue your make-up removal with the cleanser.

> Apply the necessary quantity to the previously moistened cleaning brush
> Gently massage in circular motion, insisting on imperfections
> Rinse your face and brush with lukewarm water.

Smoochy tips: we advise you to keep them away from heat. If redness appears, we recommend that you stop using. Keep out of reach of children.

Need help? Our K-Beauty advisors guide you to create your personalized Korean beauty routine: conseil@korean-smooch.com

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